Installing & Uninstalling (EA)2

This page discusses how to install and uninstall (EA)2. Your purchase includes the right to install (EA)2 on your business computer and your own personal computer for your use only. You may read the (EA)2 End User's License Agreement here.

Installation is a two step process during which you will first register your license and then activate it on your computer. Activation locks the license to your computer. To use it on another computer (other than the second installation you are permitted for your own purposes), you must first deactivate it from your computer. This is done during the uninstallation process.

Installing (EA)2

Once you have received the guest login credentials for the evaluation edition or the registered user's credentials for the licensed edition, you may download the appropriate installer file at the following links:

Evaluation version

Licensed version

Save it to a convenient location on your hard drive and double click on the saved file to start the installation process.

If you have installed the evaluation version of (EA)2 and now wish to install the licensed version, you must first uninstall the evaluation edition. See the section below on uninstalling (EA)2. Read the EULA and, if you agree to it, click on the 'I Agee' button and click 'Next' to continue. You may then change the location of the installation files or simply continue.

When you start Enterprise Architect after installing (EA)2, you will be asked to register your license. You do so by entering the serial number you received via email from OAD Consulting. The next step is to activate the license, which locks it to your computer, making it permanently available. You have 15 days to activate the license, after which the (EA)2 add-in will cease to work. To activate the license, click Activate manually by entering a code and then email the Serial Number and Machine Code to

(Sorry about the format of the email address but the spam web crawlers are everywhere).

There are two convenience buttons, Copy to Clipboard and Copy to Email which will copy the information for you. When we receive your Serial Number and Machine Code, we will email you the Activation Code. After receiving the Activation Code, repeat this process, but select the Machine ID, either Business Computer or Personal Computer and then enter the Activation Code.

Installation Problem

There is a problem when (EA)2 is installed by an administrator account rather than the normal user. Please see Problem with Installation for a work around.

Installing the Components for SQL Server

The process for installing the SQL views for SQL Server is now done from within the (EA)2 Main Form. You reach this form from within Enterprise Architect by clicking on the Add-ins or Extensions menu option, selecting (EA)2 and then Main Form. Note that (EA)2 must be activated on the machine for the SQL View menu items to be enabled.

For more information see Creating New Models.

Uninstalling (EA)2

If you wish to uninstall (EA)2 from your computer, you may open the EA2Setup.msi file that you used to install (EA)2. A dialog opens that lets you either repair or remove EA2. You may also use 'Add or Remove Programs' in the Windows Control Panel. You should close Enterprise Architect, if it is open, before uninstalling (EA)2.

If You Are Asked to 'Try' or to 'Register' the Software While Uninstalling the Software

Under certain conditions, you may see the dialog asking you to either try (EA)2, if you are uninstalling the evaluation license, or to register (EA)2, if you are uninstalling the full license. The former happens when uninstalling the evaluation license after the 30 day period. The latter happens when you uninstall the full license before you have registered (EA)2. If you see a TRY button, simply click on it and the software will be uninstalled. If you don't see a TRY button, click on the Cancel button.

Uninstalling the Full License After Activating (EA)2 on Your Computer

Once you have activated (EA)2 on your computer, you must deactivate it in order to install it on another computer. Deactivation automatically occurs when you uninstall the software. However, you will see a dialog providing you with a Deactivation Code that you must email to our support email address along with the Machine Code of the computer on which you want to install (EA)2.

Important Note When Deactivating Your License

There is a problem with the software licensing program that handles the deactivation. After you have answered yes to deactivating, a small dialog should appear telling you that the software has been deactivated. However, this dialog does not appear on top of your desktop. It may be hidden by another window. The net result is that you may think the uninstall routine has locked up and you may be tempted to end it. Do not! Simply minimize the other windows until you see the deactivation notification dialog. It may even be a good idea to move the uninstall window away from the center before proceeding.

Transfering (EA)2 to Another Computer

In order to transfer your copy of (EA)2 to another computer, you must first deactivate it from your current computer. Deactivation occurs during the uninstall process during which you will be given a Deactivation Code that confirms you have deactivated it. You can then install it on another computer, using the same serial number you used with the first installation. To activate (EA)2 on the next computer, you will need to email the activation code and the deactivation code to . You will then receive an email with an activation code for the next computer. OAD reserves the right to limit transfers to once a month.

Online License Server

We will soon have an online licensing server that will automate the registration, activation, and transfer processes.

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